Anyone play Battlefield Heros? Its fun and free....

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Anyone play Battlefield Heros? Its fun and free....

Post  EyeLikePie on Mon Feb 22, 2010 6:39 pm

Its been a long time since I played with most of you. A few I've kept tabs with if poorly. I went by TgZ|-Tequila for years.
My new addiction is keeping me away from CS and Steam for that matter. If you havent tried it,
your really missing out on some free fun. You can buy battle funds also rather cheaply if you want to enhance your gameplay.
I lasted about 3 weeks before I started buyin them so you can get a good feel for the game before you decide to spend or not.
Anyhow, My account name is EyeLikePie and you'll find me playing as Non-Combatant(National Commando), ECHO1_!_1(National soldier),or |333|Pounder(National Gunner). I have 4 other heros but these are my main squad, a tanker,sniper, and a pilot. My highest level is a lvl14 National Commando, 'UHearThat', who makes appearances when I just feel like goofing off. Stats are loaded, missions to complete let you rise in rank and tons of weapons, abilities, and other gear are available to give the game some variety.
Though they only have 6 maps to cycle and some servers have night versions of a couple of them, the strategies are limitless no matter which team or specialty you choose. The only thing this game lacks IMO is a world builder/customizer and voice communication. Come in and play with me. Be sure to find my profile and add me to your freinds list. Maybe we could have a server full for some good old Texan Girlz fun. What a Face


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