What is LoVe? Baby don't hurt me! Mic spam. I MISS TGZ!

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What is LoVe? Baby don't hurt me! Mic spam. I MISS TGZ!

Post  prettydagger on Sat Jul 21, 2012 10:03 pm

Hey all!

Just dropping by, got nostalgic as well and remembered good ol' TGZ back when Boss Hogg started it so he could have a server where his six year old son could play! I bet he's all grown up now! Smile

I used to play on the servers as TgZ | LoVe (and I used to play the What is Love? By Haddaway over the mic spam, and spraypaint pikachus all over)
On the forums my alias was under Green Mystress (i think)

Real name Ashley, and I was about 13 years old when I started playing here Smile I always made crazy cool graphic design signature banners

I remember players so many of you guys! I live in Northern Virginia still. I actually recently met up with Crimson Lightning, he's down in Florida working on his thesis. I graduated Graphic Design and work in the field now, but you can see some of my work if you look up "Diana Patrick Studios" page on Facebook <-- Diana is my middle name

KrazyNesa, DropZone, Crimmy, Davey, Boss Hogg, Lady Hogg, Rubdown, HalfAmazing, Bigguns, Mercutio, Ivan, Johnny5, Waco-Kid, and many more! I can't remember everyone's aliases but once I see them, I instantly recall them Smile I miss you guys! We had a great community! Boss Hogg, if you ever see this, some of my funniest online/virtual memories are here.

I am looking to play Counter-Strike again sometime soon, but I hope anyone who stops by this forum and sees this, hope life is going great!!


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