It's been a long time..

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It's been a long time..

Post  SapientDarkness on Fri May 25, 2018 12:31 am


It's been years since I've been on here. I remember my old gamer tag was KrAzYnEsA1 for a while and then I transitioned to SapientDarkness at some point. I really miss this community. I stopped playing Counter-Strike after things started to get quiet around here and then moved on to World of Warcraft. But the gaming experience just hasn't been the same. Is anyone still around who checks this once in a while? If you're out there, how's life going? Do you still game? What games are you playing these days? I used to live in New York but moved to New Jersey a few years ago and am now working in healthcare. I remember I had just started undergrad when I first joined this place. So much time has gone by. Well, maybe someone will see this. Smile



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